Cloud Backup Solutions

Cloud BackupTechno Advantage Cloud Service Levels

Service levels give you flexibility for the functionality you need. If your current service level doesn’t provide features you need, you can change as needed within the limits described in changing service levels – terms and conditions.

Cloud service levels:

  • Cloud Basic
  • Cloud Basic, Mirrored
  • Cloud+
  • Cloud+, Mirrored
  • Cloud Premium
  • Cloud Premium, Mirrored

Note: All features of a mirrored and a non-mirrored service level are identical except for mirroring. Mirroring means that all the data (backup images) stored in the primary data center are also backed up at a secondary data center (in a different geographic region). Mirroring is only available in the U.S.A. 

Cloud Basic Features

Cloud Basic features include:

  • Image archiving in the cloud
  • Recovery: image recovery only available through BMR drive request
  • Replicated: customer data stored at a single datacenter
  • Bandwidth: unlimited for data transfer to the datacenter
  • Snapshotting: customer can take and store an unlimited number of Snapshots

Note: Using a seed drive is the recommended method for getting large amounts of data into the cloud. Use replication for sending incrementals.

Cloud+ Features

Cloud+ includes all Cloud Basic features and:

  • Immediate mount and search via browser from a mounted recovery point (defined per volume associated to a device)
  • Immediate file and folder download from a mounted recovery point (defined per volume associated to a device)

Cloud Premium Features

Cloud Premium includes all Cloud+ features and:

  • Instant full-data virtualization and failover in the cloud
  • Virtualization support for Windows 2000 through Windows 8.
  • Virtualized machine accessible via RDP, Public IP, and/or VPN
  • VPN support
  • Public dedicated IP address reservation for failover (additional fee required for each dedicated IP address)
  • Dynamic IP address failover (takes longer to failover than dedicated/static IP)
  • Support for Exchange, web and FTP servers