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New VoIP Phone Solutions for Your Business

06 May 15
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The team at Techno Advantage is excited to announce a new VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone solution by Grandstream.

Our fearless leader Jay, recently attended an extensive training program hosted by Grandstream and became a certified partner.    We’re thrilled to bring this flexible new system and potential savings to our clients.

Here are three reasons why you’re going to love our new VoIP phone solution:

  • Cost effective – Clients may experience a substantial cost savings in the hundreds of dollars per month over traditional phone service with fewer features.
  • Feature rich – Finally, enterprise level corporate phone solutions are now available to the small business market. Some of our favorite features include: direct dial numbers, auto attendant, personalized screens, ring groups (with forwarding to mobile phones), intercom and paging.
  • All inclusive – Some VoIP systems have a fee per feature structure…but not Grandstream. Re-licensing fees…?  Nope, not with Grandstream.  All inclusive means that there is no separate monthly fee.  Once you’ve paid for the equipment you need, you’re done.

No monthly fee to Grandstream.  The only ongoing fee you would have is your already established data connection.

There are two primary means of connecting a VoIP system – a SIP trunk or a landline.  What is a SIP trunk you ask…well, it is an acronym for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).  It is a communications protocol for signaling and controlling multimedia communication sessions (AKA internet phone lines).  One of the benefits of this option is that it consolidates your onsite communication expenses into a single utility – your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The other route would be for one of the major phone carriers to install landline phone lines and the VoIP system runs though those.  With the phone carrier option, you would pay a monthly service to them, but the VoIP technology and its features are purchased one time only.

Does your business need to use fax?  Grandstream has the protocol for internet faxing.

Need to be able to call from your cell phone and have the call appear to be from your office? It’s possible!

We can even use a combination of landlines and internet lines to meet the growing needs of your business.

Contact us on our Grandstream phones today for more information.  317-857-0150

Looking Forward into New Technology in 2015

28 Dec 14
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Technology changes quickly. Just when you think you have the latest technology solution for your business, something newer and better is being touted as the “next big thing.” As 2014 draws to an end, we wanted to share 4 trends that are expected to affect small business technology in 2015.

The Cloud

Cloud computing is becoming more and more attractive due to its affordable computing capability, storage and apps available on-demand and to everyone in an organization. Businesses buy only the capacity they need and receive updates with minimal hassle. However, this tool also comes with many questions: What’s the right cloud structure? Should we host our own cloud? Should we invest in the infrastructure? In many cases, a cloud solution may be more affordable, but there are some concerns about control and security. There can also be questions about migrating across competing ecosystems, such as Microsoft Office and Google apps. Read our other posts about the Cloud here:

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Since most individuals only want to accommodate one smartphone at a time, these devices ushered in the era of BYOD. Saying no to personal devices can be a productivity buster that can be tough to enforce. However, there are still many issues with which many small businesses are wrestling. These include making sure that a phone or tablet isn’t an easy access point to disrupting the network while keeping employees data safe and separate.

Device Crossover

Once, the roles of devices were clearly defined–the desktop for stationary productivity and more demanding processing tasks, laptops for mobile productivity, and smartphone for nomadic connectivity. However, the entrance of new operating systems such as iOS and Chrome OS have made choosing the right equipment a lot more difficult; this issue is of course interwoven with that of BYOD. Small businesses can now tap into low-cost Chromebooks as well as Windows notebooks and even affordable two-in-ones that can work as a laptop or tablet.

Security Management

It seems that every day we hear about data breaches at large companies such as Target, Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase and, most recently and infamously, Sony Pictures. The bread and butter of antivirus is still important, but even small businesses must be concerned with the integrity of customer data. There are lots of options in the marketplace that can help with this. We want to help you and your business stay secure. Check out these previous posts about security:


While there may be many questions around where small business IT will go in 2015, it seems clear that there are more choices than ever to best match a small business’s needs.

Techno Advantage is here to help you explore the technology solutions that are right for you. CONTACT US


The Team at Techno Advantage Wishes You A Productive, Safe and Prosperous New Year!