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Who’s watching when you’re not?

22 May 14
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Why you should consider a monitoring service plan from Techno Advantage.

Techno Advantage can help keep your network and computers in sync with phones and other devices

Techno Advantage’s 24/7 monitoring software represents a breakthrough in computer solutions in the Midwest, allowing for an instant, remote response to any problem or threat to your valuable information.

When facing hardware failures or malware infestations a fast response can mean the difference between full recovery and a wiped system.  This means that even on a Sunday night at two in the morning a Techno Advantage engineer can be notified, a help ticket created, and automatic scripts launched to respond within moments, remotely!

With our gold, silver, bronze service plans, we cover servers, networks, devices and applications, as well as disaster recovery.  We will even provide you with monthly reports of the work accomplished and work in progress so that you can rest assured that you’re being safely monitored.  Some additional highlights of our monitoring service are the daily back-up checks and alerting you to any dangerous conditions that may be affecting your system.

Techno Advantage has just the right monitoring and service plans to fit your unique tech support needs.

For a closer look at our monitoring services and plan packages, click here.

Call us for more information at 317-857-0150.