Our Services

IT services available from Techno Advantage in Indianapolis and Central Indiana

At Techno Advantage, we offer an array of IT network hardware and software services perfect for your needs, whether yours is a small 3 to 5 person business or a 50+ person office. To serve you, we’ll start by asking key questions. From there, we can custom tailor your IT solution.

Our services include:

  • Help Desk and Computer Support
  • Managed Services Plans
  • Server Consulting
  • Microsoft Server Products
  • Server Vitualization
  • Networking Technologies
  • Remote Access & VPN
  • Firewall, Virus & Spam Protection
  • Backup Solutions

Techno Advantage works with a wide array of PC companies, including Lenovo, Dell, Cisco, and more. We have the freedom to explore the best solution to your business.

Techno Advantage’s 24/7 monitoring software represents a breakthrough in computer solutions in the Midwest, allowing for an instant, remote response to any problem or threat to your valuable information. When facing hardware failures or malware infestations, a fast response can mean the difference between full recovery and a wiped system. This means that even Sunday night at two in the morning, a Techno Advantage engineer can be notified, a help ticket created, and automatic scripts launched to respond within moments, remotely!

For a closer look at our monitoring services, click here. To learn more about Office 365 applications, click here; and for Windows 8, click here.

To learn more about Cloud Backup Solutions, click here

For more information about all the services Techno Advantage can offer your business, contact us at 317.857.0150.