What can IT do for me and my business?
Most small businesses today rely, in varying degrees, on computers and IT. As well, most customers have come to expect the convenience of an IT support business in their dealings with a company. In most cases an accounting system is based on some software that runs on a computer and allows easy invoicing, ­inventory tracking and payroll processing. Some small businesses take it to the next level and integrate their production processes with the accounting system as­ well. This allows better reporting and more control over the business.

The other aspect that is greatly impacted is business communication. The small business can use many new tools; email, web applications to accept and track orders as well as provide customers with the news letters describing newest products, services and deals offered to them. If the email is not the best tool the newsletter can be faxed after hours to the customers as well.

Messaging can be integrated with voice mails and faxes can now go to email and be received virtually anywhere. Even for a small operation there is a huge benefit to the Unified Messaging company looks bigger to the user calling the main phone number. The voice messages are stored as emails so there is a lower risk that they will be deleted. They can also be easily attached to the customer file for reference.

Do I need to have licensed software?
Yes, we can help you to source the best deals on the software packages your business needs.
What is Virtualization?
There is an increasing move towards virtualization and Techno Advantage is responding to this shift. Virtualization is a technique for hiding the physical characteristics of computing resources from the way in which other systems, applications, or end users interact with those resources. This includes making a single physical resource (such as a server, an operating system, an application, or storage device) appear to function as multiple logical resources; or it can include making multiple physical resources (such as storage devices or servers) appear as a single logical resource. Virtualization can also include making one physical resource to appear, with somewhat different characteristics, as one logical resource.


What managed services does Techno Advantage offer?
We offer a wide range of Manged Service features that we will tailor to your unique requirements. Call us today for a free consultation. 317-857-0150
What if we have mismatched hardware?
Buying the right hardware always seems to pose a challenge. Small companies are saturated with computers and printers purchased while needed or what was on sale on a given day. Now the business owner is stuck with 10 different printers and he cannot afford buying any new cartridges because they are too expensive. Techno Advantage can help you to source hardware that is reliable and inexpensive to maintain. We will analyze your company needs including number of employees, computers, processes, printers, etc.

So instead of having a zoo of mismatched computers and printers we will streamline your hardware to a few models that meet your needs and are upgradeable and easy to maintain. By purchasing hardware in small batches and sticking with similar suitable brands, replacement and troubleshooting becomes much more seamless.

We will help you to design hardware purchasing process and select hardware that makes most sense for your kind of business. This hardware will have support and warranty for number of years.

What is Cloud Computing?
“Cloud computing” refers to the use of technology resources that are available to you on an on-demand basis via the Internet.  This is in contrast to conventional on premise IT, where your company runs its applications exclusively on its own internal infrastructure—including servers, storage, networks, firewalls, load balancers and other hardware.

Techno Advantage can provide the expertise to migrate to a cloud environment or integrate existing hardware with the cloud to increase productivity and lower costs.


What is Office 365 and should I consider using it for my business?
Office 365 is your complete office in the cloud. You get virtually anywhere access to the latest Microsoft Office applications, plus cloud-based IT services including business e-mail.

Techno Advantage is a Microsoft certified partner and stands ready to help you decide on the right solution for your business. Check our our Office 365 page to learn more.


What brands and types of equipment does Techno Advantage sell and service?
We service equipment from manufacturers such as Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, HP, and many others.

Call today if you are facing any problems with your computer equipment. 317-857-0150



What sets Techno Advantage apart from their competition?
Techno Advantages’ main goal has always been to provide an integrated, cost-effective, and comprehensive family of IT management products and services. We strive to blend our technical offerings with consistent care and customer service. Our number one priority is to partner with you in a long-term relationship customized to meet the unique needs of your business. We’ll learn by listening and custom tailor your IT solution.

If you’re tired of dealing with unreliable computer consultants who are impossible to reach, nickel and dime you over everything, and fail to deliver the level of service you expect, look no further than Techno Advantage. Call today to set up a consultation! 317-857-0150



Still Got Questions?

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