Volcanic ash disrupted travel in Europe from Iceland Volcano.  The BP Oil spill in the gulf.  Lady Gaga Showed up at the VMA’s in a Meat dress (Yeah, I’m not ready to relive that either!). The Colts lost their last appearance in a Super Bowl. But it wasn’t all bad; Toy Story 3 came out, Obama signs Healthcare bill, “Don’t ask, don’t tell” was shot down, and the economy was finally turning around after the housing crisis.  Technology was moving forward.  An Apple iPad, Kickstarter, and a portable POS system using Square came into the technology scene ten years ago; and so, did Techno Advantage! That’s right! It is our 10th anniversary!

Wow, time does fly by.  I’m really blessed to be where I am.  I have some fantastic clients (you know who you are Hearts) and a great staff.  I always try to lead with relationships and build those with clients, and staff.  I think that as a company we have done that from the beginning.  Technology and what we do has changed a lot in the past 10 years but one thing that we try to do is stay relevant.

We’ve brought on, and dropped, many products along the way, upgrading and changing.  The way we work each day keeps changing.  Fast forward to 2020 and look where we are.  In the middle of a Pandemic with many still sheltering at home, we’ve had to meet the demand and assist our clients in figuring out how they can keep working – even if that means remote access or cloud services.  Security has been an ongoing mantra the past couple of years, but with everything that’s happening now, it’s been pushed into overdrive.  Having the right precautions in place prior to the pandemic has assisted in keeping our clients technically safe even as they wonder about every cough. Now as they consider transitioning back to the office, staying remote, or a hybrid of both, we are still smoothing the way for them.

During all these changes, Techno Advantage has been here serving our clients. We proudly have had some clients for the entire 10 years. They trust us to protect their data, maintain their servers, and grow their businesses using technology. We have seen Micro start-ups celebrate year(s) anniversaries and grow into Small and even Medium businesses – cheers for our friends!

As we close the first decade of our business, we are excited about the next 10 years and beyond. We don’t have a magic ball to determine exactly what new technologies will emerge (but wouldn’t it be awesome if we did?!) or what challenges will arise, but we plan to be here to help our clients migrate though the technology mine fields and changes.

Thank you for your love and support over the last 10 years and please celebrate our 10th anniversary with us.  You are not just our clients, you are our friends, cheerleaders and supporters.

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