It never fails. If I’m running late for an early meeting, I open my laptop and there it is. The blue screen telling me, “Working on updates… 20% …Don’t turn off your PC.” This seems to always come up at the most inconvenient time. If given a choice, I will normally schedule my software update for later…however, is that the best thing for my computer and devices?  Let’s take a moment and look at software updates.

Every day it seems that we are seeing news of a company suffering from a data breach or ransomware. Viruses and hackers are real and no stopping. One of the main reasons anyone has for downloading and installing the latest update is to stay protected from security threats. When a software manufacturer finds a weakness within their software, they must fix it, which means a software update for you.

Unfortunately, when it comes to software and hackers, it is like wanting to use a sprinkle hose like a normal water hose…You know the sprinkle hose…the ones with holes that are supposed to water the garden by leaking water along the hose.  If you took waterproof tape and covered one hole, there’s just another one. It’s an endless cycle to cover all the leaks. New updates are closing one leak, but soon there is another that needs covered.

In additional to hackers and ransomware, we also must worry about just viruses and malware that can corrupt or even wipe out the documents. We have moved to a cloud environment, which means our documents are not limited to our physical computers anymore. This means we need to keep our documents secured with the latest software updates.

Keeping your software updated is good for your own devices and protection, but it can also protect your friends, family, clients, and associates. A device that is running outdated software can pass on viruses to others easier.

There are also software updates that offers you the latest features. These updates are important as well, because we all want the latest reactions for our Zoom calls or the newest ringtone for our WhatsApp’s calls.

Of course, our managed service clients never need to worry about their software being out of date. As part of our service, we push out software updates, and monitor that they work properly. We keep your software up to date and secure. Not a monitored service client yet, we can help with that too.

If you have any questions about when or how to update your devices, or if you suspect your device isn’t updated, reach out to us. We would love to chat with you!

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