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A New Focus on E-mail Security

09 Jun 14
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4118186_sWhen you send something in the mail you expect for it to be viewed by the intended recipient’s eyes only, right?  Right.  For the most part, our important mail is sent in a sealed envelope to protect against unwanted observation.  But, what about our e-mail?

Unless properly encrypted, your e-mail messages could be left exposed for the world to see.

After a Google transparency report recently revealed which e-mail services and websites offer encryption, a growing number of e-mail providers are working to increase security by encrypting messages using Transport Layer Security or (TLS).  Google claims to have always supported encryption in transit, but this alone isn’t enough.  Both sides of an e-mail need to support encryption in order for it to work.

The Google report publicly lists popular sites and services, along with a percentage of messages that are encrypted when sending and receiving messages using them.  Basically, the report publicly shames those services that don’t offer encryption, while praising the ones that do.  Comcast was one of the worst offenders on the list with Google’s findings indicating that less than 1 percent of e-mails received by and sent from Comcast e-mail addresses getting the encryption treatment.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google, along with other big name companies, are actively calling out e-mail providers to make sure they are doing all they can to ensure the safe and secure delivery of messages.

To help you better understand whether your e-mails are protected by encryption click here to read the Transparency Report.

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