As an IT service provider it’s our mission to give your business the advantage over your competition –after all it is part of our name. One way we do that is sharing our best finds in technology, and with Microsoft’s latest unveilings, there’s a lot of good stuff teetering on that cutting edge.

We’re avid followers of Microsoft here at Techno Advantage, in case you couldn’t tell by the headline. We can’t help but notice that under the tutelage of CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has steered its ship into new and uncharted waters, bringing the stale ideas of the old regime to a new and brighter place. Not only with the purchase of several companies, but several new products that lift the Microsoft brand to not only work on Windows products, but reaching across the aisle to Apple and Android devices so that customers will have the same familiar Microsoft experience no matter what device you are on.

Following the recent Windows 10 release now comes what MS calls a “new era of Windows 10 devices.”  The company has stepped up the game with its beautiful sleek new Surface touchscreen tablets—the Surface Pro 4, and Surface Book. These incredibly versatile tablets double as laptops. The thinnest. Fastest. Most powerful. Visually stunning. Subtle thoughtful improvements. If you are like me you will be completely enthralled by their elegant video. Surface Book’s fulcrum hinge alone is enough to make me drool.

Microsoft didn’t stop there but has also come out with three new phones that harness the Windows 10 environment in the high-end Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL as well as the Lumia 550, its affordable 4G offering.

Our collective heads took a spin when we laid eyes on the Microsoft Band 2 and HoloLens devices rounding out the new Microsoft lineup. This new band is hard to put into words all it can do, or lets you do, from your wrist. And the HoloLens device is three-dimensionally genius, a holographic computer you wear that’s Matrix and Mission Impossible 3 and every future-is-here thought you’ve ever had, where you can create holograms and “visualize things in real space.” Mind = blown.

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