If you’re not paying attention to how much business is happening on mobile devices, it’s time to get your head in the game. With nearly 40 percent of internet usage occurring on mobile devices, not only is mobile marketing crucial to your business’s success, but understanding how your customers are using different kinds of mobile devices is just as important to tailor your approach. One study (sponsored by Google) showed that 67 percent of smartphone users said they are “more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly device.” These stats suggest that you’d be crazy not to be focusing on a mobile marketing strategy.

With that in mind, our first recommended tactic is Responsive Design. This is simply something you must do. It is a type of web architecture that makes your website content fluid and flexible to adapt itself visually on any device your customers may be using. So no matter whether that’s a smartphone, tablet, or the desktop, your website’s content—including text, images, forms–appears clean, easy to navigate, and pleasing on each device. Responsive design translates to “we care about how our customers experience us” and that translates to more business. This goes for not just your website but also your Facebook page, newsletter—any content you’re asking consumers to navigate. Make it friendly. Make it easy.

Facebook Mobile ads. With more than 680 million active mobile users, social media-wise, Facebook is pretty much king.  Since the majority of Facebook users visit it from a mobile device, it just makes sense that your mobile ad strategy would be your most important line of communication. With Facebook’s ever-refined algorithms, businesses can now target Facebook ads directly to mobile users—and they’re producing much better results than the ads that show up in Facebook’s right-hand column for desktop users. So this is one channel you want to funnel your budget into to get your share of the mobile Facebook crowd.

We also like MailChimp, a beautifully simple email tool you should be taking advantage of.  Small businesses, in particular, can benefit from its free plan in this easy to use platform that offers so much in the way of reaching your customers effectively. There’s no better way to inform your customers of company news, offers, contests, and other timely information. Mobile-friendly templates mean that your customers who are accessing their email through their smartphones—and most of them are—will get a functional and pleasant user experience. Another great point is that MailChimp integrates easily with third-party platform so you will be able to gather email addresses on social media sites and blogs—another great business builder.

At Techno Advantage, we’re not just “techies”.  Our goal is to bring you a wide variety of technology-related topics to help your business grow.  If we can’t help you with something, we know someone who can!

Stay tuned for the next installment.   We’ll be sharing more sweet suggestions in mobile marketing in upcoming blogs. Or if you’ve got a great idea to share or a discovery you made in mobile marketing, leave a description in the comments below.

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